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  • Impact Magazine Fall 2011

    "Impact Magazine Fall 2011" cover

    In several weeks, the holidays will be upon us, and with it, the prospect of reuniting with loved ones and family. At its best, the word “family” conjures feelings of acceptance and belonging. But for many in our community, “family” continues to be a loaded word.

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  • Impact Magazine Summer 2011

    "Impact Magazine Summer 2011" cover

    Every year at this time, communities across the United States celebrate Pride. It’s a happy time—a time to relax and be ourselves, reconnect with friends and marvel at the astonishing diversity within our communities—sometimes mixed with bittersweet thoughts as we remember the loved ones we lost.

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  • Impact Magazine Winter 2011

    "Impact Magazine Winter 2011" cover

    It Is hard to know what to do with the knowledge that we are about to reach the 30th anniversary of the Center for Disease Control’s first report of what would come to be called AIDS.

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  • Impact Magazine Fall 2010

    "Impact Magazine Fall 2010" cover

    Every year for two decades, the National LGBT Bar Association has bestowed its highest honor, the Dan Bradley Award, on a member of the LGBT legal community who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of LGBT rights and those of people living with HIV.

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  • Impact Magazine Summer 2010

    "Impact Magazine Summer 2010" cover

    At Lambda Legal, we spend most of our time making the case for equality in the courts—but we also fight for freedom in the community and in the chambers where laws are made. During Pride season, Lambda Legal staff, members and volunteers can be found in cities and towns around the country marching, handing out fact sheets, answering questions and having fun.

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  • Impact Magazine Winter 2010

    "Impact Magazine Winter 2010" cover

    Features That Night in September Three men in a recently launched lawsuit speak out about the chilling police raid of the Atlanta Eagle bar.

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  • Impact Magazine Fall 2009

    "Impact Magazine Fall 2009" cover

    We believe in social change. We keep fighting for equality because we have seen so much achieved for LGBT people and people with HIV. Some days, the change around us seems so remarkable, it takes my breath away. Some days it comes far too slowly and we dig in and push harder.

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  • Impact Magazine Summer 2009

    "Impact Magazine Summer 2009" cover

    Features Notes from the Frontline Deputy Director of Education and Public Affairs Hector Vargas reports on the minute-to-minute excitement of the marriage victory day in Iowa.

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  • Impact Magazine Winter 2009

    "Impact Magazine Winter 2009" cover

    In the 36 years that Lambda Legal has been fighting for equality, I don’t think there has ever been a moment when so many victories and opportunities are before us at the very same time that we face such enormous challenges.

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  • Impact Magazine Fall 2008

    "Impact Magazine Fall 2008" cover

    John Paul Stevens is one of the nine justices who currently sit on the Supreme Court. He clearly understands the role of judges in America and has been on the majorities issuing important victories for our communities, from Romer v. Evans to Lawrence v. Texas. He is nearing retirement.

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