Impact Magazine Winter 2011

Find Your State

Know the laws in your state that protect LBGT people and people living with HIV.
Vol. 28 No. 1


A Southern Comfort

Atlanta gay bar patrons mistreated by police finally get justice.

Web extra.This case is Calhoun v. Pennington

Crisis in Court

Iowa’s courts under attack.

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Positive History

Three decades of fighting bigotry and ignorance surrounding HIV.

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On the Defensive

Antigay groups try to take away domestic partner rights.

The Cost of Silence

Kevin M. Cathcart and the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Richard Cohen speak about LGBT youth.


On the Docket, In the Field

Highlights of Lambda Legal’s recent work.

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Ask Lambda Legal

Our lawyers answer your questions.

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Out on the Case

Snapshots from Lambda Legal events across the U.S.

Donor Spotlight

Lambda Legal honors donor Nat Wilson.


Letter from Executive Director Kevin M. Cathcart

The 30 years’ war against the stigma and silence surrounding HIV.

In My Own Words: Family Ties

Rita Goodman talks about her battle to regain custody of her children.

Web extra.This case is In re S.J.L. and J.K.L.

Legal Landscape

Legal Director Jon Davidson on bullying and LGBT youth suicides.