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  • Impact Magazine Fall 2009

    "Impact Magazine Fall 2009" cover

    We believe in social change. We keep fighting for equality because we have seen so much achieved for LGBT people and people with HIV. Some days, the change around us seems so remarkable, it takes my breath away. Some days it comes far too slowly and we dig in and push harder.

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  • Impact Magazine Summer 2009

    "Impact Magazine Summer 2009" cover

    Features Notes from the Frontline Deputy Director of Education and Public Affairs Hector Vargas reports on the minute-to-minute excitement of the marriage victory day in Iowa.

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  • Impact Magazine Winter 2009

    "Impact Magazine Winter 2009" cover

    In the 36 years that Lambda Legal has been fighting for equality, I don’t think there has ever been a moment when so many victories and opportunities are before us at the very same time that we face such enormous challenges.

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  • Impact Magazine Fall 2008

    "Impact Magazine Fall 2008" cover

    John Paul Stevens is one of the nine justices who currently sit on the Supreme Court. He clearly understands the role of judges in America and has been on the majorities issuing important victories for our communities, from Romer v. Evans to Lawrence v. Texas. He is nearing retirement.

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  • Impact Magazine Summer 2008

    "Impact Magazine Summer 2008" cover

    In 1986, I sat in the U.S. Supreme Court gallery when the Court heard Bowers v. Hardwick, a challenge to Georgia’s sodomy law. In a shamefully homophobic decision, the highest court in our nation said it was perfectly legal to brand lesbians and gay men as criminals. I was utterly devastated and vowed that we would do everything in our power to fight back.

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  • Impact Magazine Winter 2008

    "Impact Magazine Winter 2008" cover

    Lambda Legal recently took up a case on behalf of the Hudson Valley, New York, LGBTQ Community Center, after its application for a nonprofit property tax exemption was denied. Although the center’s mission clearly entitles it to the exemption, the city of Kingston did not see it that way. W

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  • Impact Magazine Fall 2007

    "Impact Magazine Fall 2007" cover

    It’s official. The summer of 2007 will go down as Lambda Legal’s summer of equality. Just before Labor Day, our big marriage win in Iowa capped a string of victories that touched the lives of many LGBT people, people with HIV and their families. What’s astonishing is the sheer breadth of America we covered — coast to coast from New Jersey to Washington State, sweeping through Oklahoma, Ohio and, of course, Iowa.

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  • Impact Magazine Summer 2007

    "Impact Magazine Summer 2007" cover

    Not long ago I was approached by someone at a fundraiser who was curious about what Lambda Legal’s role in the movement is when there is new progress taking place in state legislatures. That’s easy, I said: Our work becomes even more important.

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  • Impact Magazine Winter 2007

    "Impact Magazine Winter 2007" cover

    In your hand, dear reader, you hold the first issue of Lambda Legal’s Impact magazine. Like the Lambda Legal Update, which it’s replacing, Impact will be published three times a year. It will also feature the same frontline analysis of Lambda Legal’s cases as well as in-depth coverage of our educational efforts and public advocacy campaigns. But that’s where the similarities end.

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