Impact Magazine Summer 2012

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Know the laws in your state that protect LGBT people and people living with HIV.
Vol. 29 No. 2


What Should Happen in Vegas

Lambda Legal fights for marriage equality in Nevada.

What’s Wrong With This Shirt?

When his high school threatened him with suspension, Maverick Couch fought back with the help of Lambda Legal.

Web extra.Case page: Couch v. Wayne Local School District

Dodgy Defenses

The top excuses employers use to deny jobs to people living with HIV.

What Makes a Family?

An excerpt from Zach Wahl’s new book about being raised by two moms.


On the Docket, In the Field

Highlights of Lambda Legal’s recent work.

Web extra.Read our brief regarding SB 1070.

Web extra.Sign our petition: Stop Erasing Same-Sex Parents

Web extra.Read our memo regarding possession of condoms

Ask Lambda Legal

Can a restaurant deny service to LGBT customers?

Web extra.Lambda Legal's Legal Help Desk

In My Own Words

A Dream Derailed: Jackie Gill’s career was on track—until she ran into a wall of discrimination.

Web extra.Case page: Gill v. Devlin and Howell


Safe Space: Deputy Legal Director Hayley Gorenberg speaks to Hetrick-Martin Institute’s Lillian Rivera.

Lambda Legal and Friends

Snapshots from Lambda Legal events across the U.S.

Donor Spotlight

Lewis "Sonny" Turner (1919—2011)


Letter from the Executive Director

Teaching Justice: Schools need an education in LGBT rights.

Legal Landscape

The Power of Precedent: Marriage victories rest on sound legal precedent.


June 1, 2012