Transgender Rights Toolkit

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Know the laws in your state that protect LGBT people and people living with HIV.
A Legal Guide for Trans People and Their Advocates

Within this Transgender Rights Toolkit, readers will find answers to many questions that transgender people and their advocates may ask as they navigate through life. This toolkit is meant to be a resource and advocacy tool designed to educate and empower a community often left outside the walls of power.

While transgender people are gaining visibility in the media, the daily lived experiences of transgender people is fraught with discrimination and oppression. They live and work in a world not suited to meet their basic needs. Through education, advocacy and litigation, Lambda Legal’s Transgender Rights Project has been able to ease, overcome and combat the pervasive discrimination that transgender people face.


Toolkit Inserts

Equal Access to Public Restrooms

Transition-Related Health Care

Survival Tips for Trans Youth

Trans Aging: We're Still Here!

Transgender Parents

Workplace Rights & Wrongs

Identity Documents

Transgender People and Marriage Laws

Fighting Anti-Trans Violence

Overcoming Health Care Discrimination

Transgender Incarcerated People in Crisis

Immigration Issues

Transgender College Students


Additional Online Resources

Know Your Rights: Transgender, an online legal guide for trans people and their advocates

November 17, 2016