What Happens Next with Prop 8? A Conversation With Jon Davidson, the Legal Director of Lambda Legal

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August 5, 2010


"What could happen now that Prop 8 has been declared unconstitutional by one federal court and two more courts have a stab at it?...

"I posed that question this afternoon to Jon Davidson, legal director of Lambda Legal, which has filed an amicus brief in the case and stands as one of the country's strongest litigators on LGBT rights...

"Davidson says, 'If the 9th Circuit upholds the outcome, then Prop 8 would be struck down and same-sex couples could marry again in California, and the voters of California could not do anything about that in the future.'

In a more specific outcome—if the court rules using precisely the same reasoning as yesterday's ruling from Justice Walker—Davidson continues, 'then same sex couples would be allowed to marry in all nine states in the 9th Circuit, including Washington.... But the ruling would be only binding in the 9th Circuit.'"

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