Big Town Big Dreams, Flor Bermudez

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'In social justice, there are many steps to climb'
November 29, 2007


"How did Flor Bermudez, once a middle-class teenager from an educated family in Mexico City, trade in her desire to be a doctor and become a seasoned advocate for the underdog?

"The answer is she immigrated to the United States and, for the first time, experienced discrimination and the difficulties that arise when you are on the outside looking in. 'It has been difficult,' she says. But there is no turning back.

"'Sometimes I think that if I had stayed in Mexico and gone to medical school, my life would be completely different,' says Bermudez, a gutsy but soft-spoken 34-year-old whose passion for social justice has charted a coherent - if meandering - path to her present position as staff attorney for Lambda Legal, a national gay advocacy group."