"The LGBT and HIV communities have a huge stake in ensuring that [Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's] replacement is not an extremist ideologue..."

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July 5, 2005

(New York, July 5, 2005) Lambda Legal Executive Director Kevin Cathcart made the following statement concerning the resignation of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor this past Friday, July 1, 2005:

“As the final say on the constitutional rights of Americans, the Supreme Court plays an incredibly important role in ensuring that this country’s promise of equality is real for everybody, including LGBT people and people with HIV. Over the past two decades Justice Sandra Day O’Connor has often been the ‘swing vote’ as the Court has decided issues that are critical to all people who care about equality and civil rights.

“The LGBT and HIV communities have a huge stake in ensuring that her replacement is not an extremist ideologue, but instead an open-minded judge committed to giving our communities and our issues a fair hearing. At Lambda Legal we look forward to learning who President Bush will nominate to replace Justice O’Connor. We also look forward to helping our communities make our voices heard to ensure that the Supreme Court remains a place where we can continue to win justice.”


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