Veterans Benefits to Become Available for Some Married Same-Sex Couples

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"This is a major step to open benefits for veterans and their families."
September 4, 2013

New York, September 4, 2013) - Lambda Legal issued the following statement by Susan Sommer, Director of Constitutional Litigation:

"The announcement that the Executive Branch will no longer enforce the so-called mini-DOMA within the statute governing veteran's benefits is great news for veterans and their same-sex spouses.

"This is a major step to open benefits for veterans and their families, and we look forward to the Administration's quick implementation of its decision so that these families can receive critical protections. We will continue our advocacy to work towards a national solution that applies to veterans no matter where they live.

"These are important benefits so making sure that all married veterans and their families can access them is the ultimate goal."

To read the announcement from the Department of Justice visit: