What LGBTQ Students Need to Know About Graduation and Prom

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May 20, 2013

Congrats, High School Seniors!

It’s that time of year—young people across the country are sporting tuxes and prom dresses as well as caps and gowns.

Lambda Legal congratulates all high school grads-to-be on making it this far!

For LGBTQ high school students, this should be a season of celebration, not trepidation.

Whether you’re getting busy on the dance floor or claiming your credentials on the podium, remember that you have the right

For years, Lambda Legal has fought and won numerous battles for the legal rights of LGBTQ high school students to be and express themselves.

To learn more about your rights at prom, at graduation and beyond, visit Know Your Rights: LGBTQ Teens & Young Adults.

And if you encounter discrimination or want more information, contact Lambda Legal’s Help Desk