In Victory for Transgender Student, Supreme Court Declines to Hear Bathroom Dispute

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June 28, 2021

Today, the United States Supreme Court declined to hear Gloucester County School Board v. Grimm, the case of a former Virginia high school student, Gavin Grimm, who was denied the right to use the facilities that matched his gender identity. The ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, which upheld a district court ruling in favor of Gavin affirming the right of transgender students to use the facilities that match who they are, stands.

Lambda Legal Counsel and Students’ Rights Strategist, Paul D. Castillo, has issued the following statement:

“This is an incredible victory for Gavin Grimm and transgender students’ right to be themselves at school. There should be no doubt that federal law requires schools to protect all students. Courts all over the country, as well as the federal government have made crystal clear that LGBTQI+ students are protected by federal law and have a right to an equal education, to be protected against harassment and discrimination, and to a school environment where they can be their authentic selves.

“Congratulations to Gavin Grimm and the ACLU, who fought for six years so that Gavin and all transgender students would be treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve. This year, state legislatures across the country introduced a record-breaking number of bills aimed at hurting transgender young people and their ability to play on teams and access gender affirming health care. Gavin’s persistent fight for the rights of transgender young people stands as a reminder that the fight is far from over; he is a beacon of hope. Thank you, Gavin.”