Lambda Legal Urges Governor Walker To Appoint a Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Who Will Apply Constitution Equally

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May 18, 2016
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Yesterday, Lambda Legal sent a letter to Governor Scott Walker regarding his upcoming appointment of a new Wisconsin Supreme Court justice.

Our letter seeks to help the Governor understand the impact his choice will have on LGBT people and those living with HIV in the state of Wisconsin.

The courts are a vital path to equality for our community as they have been for other historically marginalized groups. The importance of having a judge on the bench that is truly impartial, not biased or swayed by politics and deeply committed to faithfully apply the law and state Constitution cannot be understated. The appointee should understand that the Constitution applies equally to LGBT people.

Our letter also urges the Governor to select a justice that is reflective of the diversity within the state of Wisconsin. We encourage the Governor and those involved in the selection process to consider LGBT candidates as well as candidates of color, women, and people with experience in criminal defense and public interest.

A legal system that includes a diverse range of perspectives and experiences will improve the quality of justice and build public confidence.

We hope that the Governor takes our suggestions very seriously. All people in Wisconsin have a vested interest in the integrity of their courts, including LGBT people and those living with HIV.

The Supreme Court of Wisconsin has heard cases in recent years that impact the legal rights of LGBT people and they will certainly hear them again. In a time when our communities are being discriminated against and unfairly targeted, a representative and trusted legal system is as important as ever.

LGBT people and those living with HIV will be looking to the courts to uphold and protect their rights.

Read the press release.