Lambda Legal Responds to Lawsuit Targeting Transgender Students in Illinois

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May 4, 2016
Christopher Clark
Today, two anti-LGBT organizations filed a lawsuit challenging the right of transgender and gender-nonconforming students in Illinois School District 211 to use the restrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identities.
This lawsuit attempts to undo a favorable agreement between the School District and the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) recognizing that federal law requires schools to permit students to use sex-segregated facilities consistent with their gender identities.
Organizations like the Alliance Defending Freedom and the Thomas More Society have embarked on similar misguided transphobic crusades in other states, including Ohio, Missouri, Pennsylvania and New York.
There are no examples of a cisgender person, let alone a student, being attacked or harassed by a transgender person in a locker room or restroom.
This lawsuit seeks to create a problem where there is none. It is discriminatory fearmongering, pure and simple.
Child welfare professionals have said time and time again that discriminatory policies are harmful to transgender and gender-nonconforming students. And school districts across the country that have adopted inclusive and supportive policies have found that they lead to greater understanding and respect among their students.
We are hopeful that the Court will protect the safety and wellbeing of all students by quickly and decisively rejecting this misguided lawsuit.