Lambda Legal Mourns the Loss of Michael Brown and Urges Swift Action

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August 14, 2014

Our nation has witnessed another tragic death of an unarmed black teenager, shot by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri on Saturday night. We mourn the loss of Michael Brown and offer condolences and strength to his family and loved ones.

As an organization representing all LGBT people and people living with HIV, we are members of communities historically targeted by police. We know too well the harm caused by bias, profiling and stereotyping by law enforcement agencies and indeed by society as a whole.

The situation in Ferguson has grown worse since the shooting, with police intimidation of protest, more violence and arrests. We call on the public officials in this town to disclose the information the community deserves to know, and we call on the Department of Justice to complete a thorough investigation and take swift action.

We stand together for fair and safe communities, unbiased policing and justice. We urge people across the country to stand together tonight for a National Moment of Silence for victims of police brutality.