Is the Fight for Marriage Equality Over?

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February 19, 2014
Lambda Legal Executive Director Kevin M. Cathcart

Northeastern University School of Law is featuring Lambda Legal Executive Director Kevin M. Cathcart in the winter issue of its magazine.

In the cover story, about alumni leading the fight for marriage equality, Cathcart recalls a meeting with Lambda Legal supporters last fall.

A gay man turned to Cathcart and said, “Well, now that marriage has been dealt with…”

Cathcart was incredulous.

“We are sitting in Chicago, where people cannot get married,” Cathcart thought to himself. “How is marriage dealt with?”

Cathcart tells Northeastern Law that momentum is growing, not just for marriage equality, but in all areas affecting the rights of LGBT people and those with HIV. For example, he says, state constitutional bans on marriage “serve as important markers that gay people are not considered equal under the law. That spills over into other issues: employment, custody, young people in schools. It goes far beyond marriage itself.”

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