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Divorce dilemma: Texas says gays can't get divorce
Associated Press
4/20/2010 "After the joy of a wedding and the adoption of a baby came arguments that couldn't be resolved, leading Angelique Naylor to file for divorce. That left her fighting both the woman she married in Massachusetts and the state of Texas, which says a union granted in a state where same-sex marriage is legal can't be dissolved with a divorce in a state where it's not.

ACLU Says Officials Agree Not To Censor Student Displaying Pro-Gay Messages
The Chattanoogan
4/19/2009 "The American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee and Lambda Legal announced today that they have received assurances from officials at Greenbrier High School that the school will stop censoring a student from wearing shirts expressing pro-gay messages.

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Visitation order finds middle ground: Obama gives a win to gay couples without ruffling conservatives
Houston Chronicle
4/17/2010 "University of Houston health law professor Seth Chandler said he's not aware of any Texas law that would currently prevent a hospital from denying a gay or lesbian from visiting a patient. If a hospital were so disposed, the only recourse in Texas would be for the patient to designate the person a legal guardian or agent.

Health Care Fairness

Gay visitation order shows how Obama brings big change with small actions
The Washington Post
4/17/2010 "President Obama's decision Thursday night to grant same-sex couples hospital visitation rights is the latest and most visible example of a strategy to make concrete steps toward equality for gays and lesbians without sparking a broad cultural debate or a fight with Congress.

Health Care Fairness

Hospital directive gives gays a victory without the fight
Los Angeles Times
4/16/2010 "President Obama handed same-sex couples a victory without picking a drawn-out fight with conservatives this week when he ordered hospitals around the country to honor patients' wishes about who may visit their sickbeds or risk losing Medicaid and Medicare money.

Health Care Fairness

Obama Orders Hospitals to Allow Gay Visitation, Medical Rights
4/16/2010 "In a nod to the rights of lesbian and gay couples, President Obama has ordered the nation's hospitals to allow patients to determine for themselves who has visitation rights and who can make medical decisions.

Obama orders most hospitals to grant gays visitation rights
Chicago Tribune
4/16/2010 "...The Obama memo is inspired in part by the case of Janice Langbehn, who was kept from seeing her partner, Lisa Pond, as she slipped into a coma. Last September a federal judge rejected Langbehn's lawsuit against Florida's Jackson Memorial Hospital, saying there was no law requiring the staff to grant Langbehn access to Pond's bedside.

Obama Widens Medical Rights for Gay Partners
The New York Times
4/15/2010 "President Obama on Thursday ordered his health secretary to issue new rules aimed at granting hospital visiting rights to same-sex partners.

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens announces retirement
Bay Windows
4/12/2009 "Some court observers credit U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens with having forged a majority of the court to overturn laws banning private sexual relations between persons of the same sex -- the most beneficial gay-related decision ever rendered by the Supreme Court.

Happily every after?
Omaha World-Herald
4/6/2010 "A floppy mop of blond hair flew behind Jamison Olson as he popped out the bottom of a tunnel slide. He cast a few backward glances at his mother Ingrid Evans Olson, who followed close behind, before letting loose with laughter and jumping into the waiting arms of Reva Evans Olson, his other mother.