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Los Impuestos Federales 08/06/2013

Take the Power: Are You Prepared? 08/29/2013

What kind of long-range vision do you have for your future and that of your loved ones? Have you taken the necessary legal and financial planning measures to protect that vision? Answer the following life planning questions to find out how prepared you really are—or what life planning issues you need to start thinking about now.

Marriage | Marriage, Relationships and Family Protections | Same-Sex Relationships | Seniors

Padres y madres transgénero 09/10/2013

Proyecto Igualdad | Transgender Rights

Combatir la violencia contra las personas transgénero 09/10/2013

Proyecto Igualdad | Transgender Rights

Injusticias y derechos en el trabajo 09/11/2013

Employment and Rights in the Workplace | Proyecto Igualdad | Transgender Rights

Vamos al Grano 09/16/2013

Conceptos básicos sobre el ser LGBT Familias que apoyan a hijos/as LGBT

Proyecto Igualdad | Teens & Young Adults | Youth in Out-of-Home Care

15 Ways HIV Criminalization Laws Harm Us All 09/20/2013

Lambda Legal is working to repeal or reform HIV criminalization laws throughout the United States. An HIV criminalization law is one that specifically targets and punishes people living with HIV for engaging in conduct that would otherwise be legal if not for the person’s HIV status. Most of these laws do not require transmission of HIV and are based on the mere failure to announce one’s medical condition to a potential partner prior to engaging in sexual contact. Below we describe 15 ways these laws harm public health, result in unjust prosecutions, and serve primarily to stigmatize and oppress people living with HIV.


Impact Magazine Fall 2013 10/01/2013

Getting Down to Basics 10/07/2013

Developed in partnership with the Child Welfare League of America (CWLA), this tool kit gives guidance on an array of issues affecting LGBTQ youth and the adults and organizations who provide them with out-of-home care.

Residents' Rights and the LGBT Community 10/15/2013

The federal 1987 Nursing Home Reform Law requires nursing homes to “protect and promote the rights of each resident” emphasizing individual dignity and self-determination in the provision of long-term care. Every nursing home accepting Medicare and/or Medicaid must meet federal requirements, including those regarding residents’ rights.

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