Chief Strategy Officer & Legal Director Sharon McGowan to Testify Before the Presidential Commission on SCOTUS

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Lambda Legal's Chief Strategy Officer and Legal Director Sharon McGowan has been invited to testify before The Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States this Tuesday, July 20th.

Sharon will testify as part of a panel of witnesses on the topic, "Perspectives on Court Reform." The Commission is seeking views from a broad range of individuals and organizations on the questions it will be considering, as set out in the Executive Order issued by President Biden to establish the Commission.

The Commission is exploring various dimensions of the debate over Court reform, including the origins of the current debate over reform and the strengths and weaknesses of various reform proposals such as Court expansion, promoting turnover on the Court, and redefining the Court's role in relation to other branches in the resolution of major political and social issues. The Commission is also considering various matters related to the Supreme Court's internal practices and operations, including case selection, equity in access and representation, and transparency.

Please see below for details, including how you can watch Sharon's testimony as well as our live Twitter coverage for when the panel is live.


Testimony of Sharon McGowan before the Presidential Commission on the SCOTUS

Tuesday, July 20th

11:45 am - 1:00 pm EDT (Sharon's testimony is within this window)

Get more information, and watch Sharon's testimony live testimony here.
View Sharon's written testimony here.