Out, Safe & Respected

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Know the laws in your state that protect LGBT people and people living with HIV.
Your rights at school

This kit is designed to help you know your rights at school and make sure they’re respected, and to give you concrete ideas about how you can make a difference in your school and community. You have the right to be who you are. You have the right to be out, safe and respected at school.

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Individual Inserts

LOOK OUT: Stand Up for Your Right to Be Safe
How to make sure your school is a safe space for all students

START OUT: So You Wanna Start a GSA
How to form a gay-straight alliance at your school

HELP OUT: Are You an Ally?
How to be an ally to LGBTQ youth

ACT OUT: Take Action at Your School
How to make real changes for LGBTQ students at your school

WORK OUT: How to Negotiate With Adults
How to work with teachers and officials on LGBTQ rights

FIND OUT: Protection Against Discrimination and Harassment: The Law Is on Your Side
How to defend your legal rights

SPEAK OUT: Your Speech Rights
How to make sure your voice is heard

STEP OUT: Your Prom
How to have a safe, inclusive, unforgettable prom

SEEK OUT: National Resources
How to contact other organizations working for LGBTQ youth

July 31, 2014