Know Your Rights: Wallet Card For LGBT Older Adults and Older Adults Living with HIV

Find Your State

Know the laws in your state that protect LGBT people and people living with HIV.

LGBT older adults and older adults living with HIV have rights:

  • to be free from discrimination in accessing health care and to be treated with dignity and respect by health care and social service professionals
  • to be free from discrimination, isolation, harrassment, abuse and neglect in long-term care, rehabilitation, and assisted-living facilities, and to have their privacy, relationships, gender identities and choices equally respected
  • to be free from discrimination in public and private housing, including in access to housing assistance programs like Section 8 and seniors' housing programs
  • to be visited by a spouse, partner or any other person of their choice in hospital and long-term care settings
  • to be respected in their health care and end-of-life decisions, such as those set forth in a health care proxy, living will, poweer of attorney, funeral directive, or will
*the degree of protection may vary depending on the circumstances and your location. Contact Lambda Legal at 1-866-542-8336 or for more information.
December 4, 2014