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Impact Magazine Winter 2010

Find Your State

Know the laws in your state that protect LGBT people and people living with HIV.
Vol. 27 No. 1


That Night in September

Three men in a recently launched lawsuit speak out about the chilling police raid of the Atlanta Eagle bar.

Arizona’s Anti-Family Reversal

Why Arizon’s new law, which strips public employees of domestic partner benefits, is hurtful to families.

Treat Us Right

The results of Lambda Legal’s 2009 Health Care Fairness Survey, with data from nearly 5,000 respondents.

Putting Children Front and Center

What place do children have in the marriage equality debate?


On the Docket, In the Field

Ask Lambda Legal

A Closer Look

A chat with affiliated attorney Desmund Wu

In the News

Lambda Legal in the media


Letter from Executive Director Kevin M. Cathcart

Discrimination and stigma still harm people living with HIV.

In My Own Words by L.P.

A 17-year-old transgender girl on the abuse and neglect she survived at a Philadelphia youth detention center.

The Legal Landscape by Jon W. Davidson

Challenges and advances in the fight for transgender rights.