Impact Magazine Summer 2010

Find Your State

Know the laws in your state that protect LBGT people and people living with HIV.
Vol. 27 No. 2


Uncivil Union

Lambda Legal is fighting to make sure New Jersey delivers what its Supreme Court has already mandated: equality

Bad Medicine

Transgender people face discrimination where they least expect it—the doctor’s office.

We Are Family

Gay men and lesbians who want to be parents face stiff challenges.

A Common Goal

Lambda Legal Executive Director Kevin Cathcart talks to Thomas A. Saenz, president of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF).



On the Docket, In the Field

Highlights of Lambda Legal’s recent work

Ask Lambda Legal

Are you being discriminated against at work?

A Closer Look

A chat with Proyecto Igualdad Coordinator Francisco Dueñas.

Lambda Legal in the News



Letter from Executive Director Kevin M. Cathcart

The fight for freedom takes place in the court, the community andthe chambers where laws are made.

In My Own Words

Hospital visitation plaintiff Janice Langbehn on why losing a case can sometimes lead to a larger victory.

The Legal Landscape by Jon W. Davidson

Anti-LGBT forces say they need protection from discrimination.