Stand With Trans Students!

Stand With Trans Students!
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Everybody has the right to use the restroom in peace.

Lambda Legal clients Juliet Evancho, Elissa Ridenour and A.S. are transgender students in the Pine-Richland School District in suburban Pittsburgh. Until last month, their school allowed to use the restrooms that matched their gender identity. They did so for years and without incident.

But last month, the school board caved in to pressure from anti-LGBT groups and a few parents, and implemented a new policy that singles out transgender students for discriminatory treatment.

That’s not just wrong. It’s illegal. And Lambda Legal is suing the school district to put a stop to it.

Show your support for equality and dignity. Tell school administrators to end their harmful and degrading policies and stop treating transgender students like second-class students. Sign the petition!

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Tell school administrators to end discriminatory restroom policies that single out transgender students.

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