End the Ban on Surgery for Transgender Veterans!

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Transgender veterans can’t get coverage for the same medical care available to their fellow veterans — just because they are transgender. Tell the V.A. to amend the rule!

The V.A.’s discriminatory rule singles out transgender veterans and prohibits coverage for medically necessary surgery to treat gender dysphoria.

The V.A. offers other treatments, such as hormone therapy, because it recognizes the importance of treating gender dysphoria as a medical condition. But oddly, it denies surgeries to treat gender dysphoria, even when the same surgeries are offered to non-transgender veterans for other conditions.

This is harmful to the health of veterans who have already risked so much for our country. To deny brave service members medical care because they are transgender is un-American.

Demand that the V.A. amend the rule. Sign the petition!

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Tell the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to change the rule that prohibits transition-related surgery for transgender veterans.

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