NCAA: Reject North Carolina’s fake repeal of HB2!

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The elected officials who drafted this law/bill were not thinking about the civil rights of its citizens and equal treatment before the law. They were thinking about all the money the state’s economy is losing because the NCAA has threatened to keep sporting events out of North Carolina until 2023 unless H.B. 2 was repealed.

The new law prevents cities from passing nondiscrimination ordinances until 2020 and continues to enshrine hateful misconceptions about transgender people and restroom access into law.

NCAA took a principled position against discrimination—but we need them to hold the line and reject this fake repeal of H.B. 2.

There is no date stamp for equality. Civil rights cannot be put up for compromise.


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Tell the NCAA to reject North Carolina’s fake repeal of H.B. 2. The new law leaves LGBT people unprotected in North Carolina.

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