Privacy Policy

August 2017

This Online Privacy Statement describes how we treat user data collected during your visit to the Lambda Legal/Out at Work site. The Lambda Legal/Out at Work site is lambdalegal.org/outatwork, and includes all web pages whose domain name contains lambdalegal.org/outatwork, outat.work or lambdalegal.org/support-our-fight. This is not the online privacy statement for other Lambda Legal websites that do not contain these domain names – for example, our Diversity Counts website and report, www.diversity-counts.com – unless those websites link directly to this Online Privacy Statement.

Neither is it the online privacy statement for other websites (e.g. blogs or social networking sites) where Lambda Legal has a presence, such as Lambda Legal’s pages on Facebook. Finally, this is not the online privacy statement for the websites of any Lambda Legal or Out at Work affiliate organizations. In all of those cases, site-specific privacy terms apply, and are posted accordingly.

Privacy, the Web and You

As you visit websites, use search engines, and conduct business on the web, many different websites, companies and organizations are gathering information about your behavior by tracking visits and transactions and then by matching that data with other information about you.

The lambdalegal.org/outatwork site takes many steps to protect your privacy when you visit the website. In order to advance our advocacy and outreach and to provide you with a better experience while you are on the lambdalegal.org/outatwork site, we do allow some tracking to take place.

How and when we do so is explained below.

Our Collection, Use of Information and You

Passively Collected Data

Like most websites, we may automatically receive and record information in our server logs from your browser when you visit lambdalegal.org/outatwork. The information that we collect with these automated methods may include your IP address, device, time on site, cookie information, browser type, operating system type, and referring URL, if any.

We use this type of information to measure and improve the performance of our site. On occasion we also access this type of information to investigate or maintain the stability and security of our site.

Voluntarily Submitted Data

Certain pages related to the lambdalegal.org/outatwork site may invite you to share personally identifying information, such as your name, address, email address, zip code or telephone number. Sharing that information will allow you to make a donation, join our email and SMS lists, sign a petition, or participate in other similar online activities.

We may use that voluntarily submitted data to:

  • Fulfill your transactions.
  • Contact you about lambdalegal.org/outatwork activities or news, or about opportunities to support Lambda Legal.
  • Deliver content to you on platforms such as social media, other websites, search results pages and mobile devices and apps.

When We May Share Your Information with Other Organizations

When we give you an opportunity to voluntarily submit information about yourself, we may give you the option of indicating that you permit us to share that data with other parties such as coalition partners. We will not share your data with such parties unless you have indicated that you permit us to do so.

We sometimes allow other nonprofit, nonpartisan organizations to contact our members, or to contact other individuals who have chosen to share their information with us. Working with other organizations in this way, for example, in an exchange, is critical to maintaining a strong membership base by allowing us to reach the widest possible audience. In order to protect your privacy, we do this through secure arrangements in which the external organization does not directly receive information about you. All such communications are done on a one-time use basis and are carried out by a third-party vendor, which keeps your information confidential. The external organization learns information about you only if you choose to respond to that third-party communication. If you do not wish for us to make information about you available for this type of communication, please call us at 212-809-8585; send us an email at Lambda-Legal@lambdalegal.org; or mail us at: Member Services, Lambda Legal, 120 Wall Street, 19th floor, New York, NY 10005-3919. We will be sure to honor your request.

In addition to those ways of sharing information with other organizations, we may also share information with our own lambdalegal.org/outatwork affiliates around the country. Our affiliates are bound to use that information only as allowed under this Online Privacy Statement, and with regard to their own operations.

Our Email List

If you sign up for our email list, we may collect data by using an embedded image to track whether you open our email and by using a URL that enables us to identify that you have taken an action, such as clicking a link in an email or signing an online petition.

This allows us to build a more effective advocacy program, to inform you about the Out at Work issues you care about most, and to make it simpler for you to sign petitions and fill out surveys.

How We Work With Third-Party Vendors

We work with a variety of vendors who help us process data, facilitate the operation of the lambdalegal.org/outatwork site and deliver messages to you on other platforms. For example, outside vendors may help us analyze traffic on our site, process credit card transactions, or facilitate activities such as the collection and delivery of petition signatures. To the extent that any vendor has access to personally identifiable data about you, by virtue of the fact that it participates in the operation of the lambdalegal.org/outatwork site, we require that vendor to promise that it will keep that data confidential and use it only for the purpose of carrying out the functions we have engaged it to perform (with a limited exception for certain aggregated data, as described immediately below). That is true both as to passively collected data and as to voluntarily submitted data, and also as to data from any cookie or other tracking device.

In some instances, we may agree to allow a vendor to take aggregated and anonymized data about activity on the lambdalegal.org/outatwork site, and use that data for other purposes such as improvement of the vendor’s products or benchmarking for the vendor’s other clients. But we will not agree to that unless we believe, in each instance, that the data won’t be recombined with other information to create any record about you as an identifiable individual.

Our Use of Cookies

We use cookies to improve website performance, to remember user preferences and settings, and to collect analytic data. By “cookies” we mean small text files placed on to your computer by websites you visit. “Cookies” may also refer to local storage, which is a mechanism similar to cookies where the information is stored within your web browser. In some instances we place these cookies ourselves. In other instances we allow outside service providers to place these cookies, but only if those providers agree to the terms described above under “How We Work with Third-Party Vendors.”

We use cookies as follows:

  • Website Performance
  • Website performance cookies allow us to make the website easier and more pleasant to use. For example, they may enable us to:
      Determine how often and where you see our “breaking news” alerts or promotions.
      Save you time when filling out a form by populating it with information you provided in previous visits.


If you are visiting our website as a registered user — for example, when you manage your subscriptions for our email lists — we place cookies in your browser that allow our website to recognize that you are logged in.


We use analytics tools that place cookies, in order to give us a better understanding of how people engage with our website. That in turn allows us to gauge the current performance of Website features, and to develop better content. Analytics cookies provide us with information like:

  • How many individual visitors we have
  • How many visitors are new or returning
  • How often visitors come to the website
  • What content they’ve visited
  • How visitors interact with particular pages or content

In addition, if you click on a link in an email we send to you — for example, to sign a petition — a cookie may be generated that enables us to identify that you have done that.

How Certain Content Hosts May Place Cookies, Gather Information and You

Our site is connected in a variety of ways to content residing on other platforms. We provide links to content on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and to content on other sites, such as articles posted on the sites of news organizations. Our site also features embedded media, such as videos, that are hosted on other platforms (such as YouTube or Vimeo) but viewable directly through the buttons we provide.

When you click on links or buttons for any of these types of external content, the providers of that content may place their own cookies on your computer, access existing cookies that were set when you previously visited other websites, or otherwise gather information about you as you access their content.

To learn about how those content hosts treat the data they collect through cookies and otherwise, see their respective online privacy policies and other posted guidance.

Security Measures and Data Transmission

We have taken physical, electronic, and managerial measures to safeguard the information we collect. We work to ensure data accuracy and protect against unauthorized access to, and improper use of, information we collect online.

Information that can be readily linked to you personally, such as your name and address, is stored on secure servers and is not publicly accessible (unless, as discussed above, you have chosen to have us disclose information about you when you have signed a petition or submitted a blog comment). Additionally, all data transmitted to and from our website, including credit card numbers, are encrypted using industry standard measures to provide an additional level of security.

Procedure When We Update This Statement

Our privacy statement may change. We will post privacy statement changes on this page and, if the changes are significant, we will provide a more prominent notice on our website. We will also keep prior versions of the Online Privacy Statement available for your review in this section.

Procedure for Updating Your Personal Information or Preferences

If you wish to withdraw or change personal information you shared with us previously or adjust personal preferences — such as your preferences regarding email lists — you may contact us to update our records. You have the following options to do this:

  • Click on the link in the footer of any email you receive from Lambda Legal and use our preference center.
  • Send e-mail to: Lambda-Legal@lambdalegal.org
  • Send mail to our address: Member Services, Lambda Legal, 120 Wall Street, 19th floor New York, NY 10005-3919
  • To send us any other feedback, visit: https://www.lambdalegal.org/about-us/contact-us