Gay-marriage lawsuits escalate

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July 14, 2010


"The outcome of any case could depend on Justice Anthony Kennedy, author of the major gay-rights rulings and the pivotal vote on the court.

"No dispute directly testing gay rights was heard in the recently completed term, yet one case at the margins put Kennedy again in a decisive position. He was the key fifth vote to uphold a policy at a California state law school denying recognition to a Christian group that excluded gay student members.

"...For Camilla Taylor, a lawyer in the Chicago office of Lambda Legal, a group that advocates for gay rights, it was a sign of Kennedy's 'recognition that gay people are individuals who deserve respect.'

"Looking at recent legal action, including in Boston, Taylor adds, 'There was a time when courts were not as receptive to our arguments. The tide has turned. While there still may be a few defeats here and there, I am convinced that we are watching history in the making.'"