FL: Fed court dismisses lawsuit of woman kept apart from dying partner by hospital

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September 30, 2009


"In the home state of Charlie Crist, where the law does little for the Sunshine State's LGBT residents, a horrific court rejection that only highlights the extent to which gay and lesbian couples are treated in the most inhumane way — one that heterosexual couples will never experience — during their most vulnerable moments. The case is Langbehn v. Jackson Memorial Hospital (Lambda Legal).

"...This is tragic, enraging and disgusting because there was no reason for this to happen. Florida needs to stop this rank discrimination — and it doesn't even have to do it by affirming gay families, [by the way]. At least in NC, the law on the books is that a patient can designate anyone to be their primary point of contact. Of course if the patient is not conscious, then you do have to rely on legal paperwork. However, I've never experienced any problems here, in fact it's been the opposite, neither of us have ever been asked for documentation or questioned at all. I will say that hospitals need to update all of their forms to allow a box for 'partner' or 'significant other.'"

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