Organization helps place gay foster kids

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ChildNet, Broward's foster care agency, has contracted with a national group to help find homes for gay youths.
October 23, 2007


"Dexter Colston landed in the foster care system when he was about 13 after his mother rejected him because he is gay.

"He bounced through a couple dozen foster care facilities where adults couldn't relate to him and other children could be brutal.

"...Many gay foster teenagers never find a good home.

"...During the past five years, gay rights and child welfare groups have researched the experience of gay foster youth. What they found was horrific.

"'Adults would say, 'If you weren't gay, you wouldn't get beat up,' said Flor Bermudez, an attorney for Lambda Legal in New York. 'Or they would be placed in very religious foster homes where foster parents would take away their clothes...and have them go to church every Sunday so they would change.'"


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