Iowa's gay marriage ban goes before high court

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November 27, 2008


"The national fight over same-sex marriage is coming to a peak in Iowa, where the state's highest court will hear arguments next month over whether the state's ban on gay unions is unconstitutional.

"...Iowa District Court for Polk County Judge Robert Hanson ruled in August 2007 that the act violated the state constitutional rights of equal protection and due process. The ruling stood for less than 24 hours before a Polk County attorney filed an appeal to the Iowa Supreme Court.

"...Camilla Taylor, lead counsel for the plaintiffs in the case appealed to the Iowa Supreme Court.

"...'All we're talking about is government?issued marriage licenses,' said Taylor, who works for Lambda Legal.

"'There comes a point when you can't tell people to hold off on getting married any longer,' Taylor said. 'We felt the time was right, and that Iowans would give us a fair hearing.'"