SkyWest Accused of Discriminating Against Gay Couples

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October 30, 2009


"A worker for SkyWest, a partner of Delta Airlines operating out of Palm Springs International Airport, says he wants the same benefits given to married couples in the company.

"Gilbert Caldwell married his partner of 34 years last year, and now says he faces different rules when he and his partner want to fly. He says he is forced to pay a fare for his spouse, 72 year-old Rev. David Farrell, under a 'companion' program designated for friends. Spouses of heterosexual couples do not have to pay the fare.

"'SkyWest's denial of equal travel benefits amounts to a reduction in gay and lesbian employees' pay,' Lambda Legal has warned the employer. 'SkyWest insists that its gay and lesbian employees with a state-registered domestic partner or spouse should not receive the same rate of compensation for their job performance, though Mr. Caldwell is not excused from any of his work hours or job responsibilities.'"