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Same-sex couples gain more rights at hospitals
Orlando Sentinel
"Same-sex couples and other domestic partners are gaining more control over what happens to their mates in the hospital, under federal guidelines issued this week. "Hospitals should not bar domestic partners from visiting their mates unless there's a medical reason, and partners should not be required to produce documents to prove their relationship, the guidelines say.

Health Care Fairness | Marriage, Relationships and Family Protections

Texas College Refuses Lesbian a Job Interview
The Advocate
"A college in Texas is being sued for reportedly turning away a qualified teaching candidate because college administrators perceived her to be a lesbian.

Employment and Rights in the Workplace

Making Laws About Making Babies: Bias Against Gays and Lesbians
The New York Times
"Two cases brought by Lambda Legal illustrate that discrimination continues to frustrate and humiliate gay men and women seeking equal treatment in fertility services. Guadalupe Benitez was denied infertility treatment by a clinic in California because she is a lesbian; the California Supreme Court ruled that the doctors’ actions were illegal under the state’s antidiscrimination law.

Will School District Approve Gay and Lesbian Club?
12KTRV.COM: Boise
"Like it or not, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students who attend the Meridian School District can't form an official club -- for now. "Officials say it's not that they won't allow a gay and lesbian club to meet, it just shouldn't be school sponsored, and students would have to have parental permission to join.

Youth and Schools | Teens & Young Adults

Whatever Happened to ... the HIV-Positive Acrobat Who Lost His Job?
The Washington Post
"The way they treated me, it was like I was a piece of trash." These were the words Matthew Cusick had for his former employer, Cirque du Soleil. In a 2004 story in The Washington Post, the 33-year-old recounted his experience with the world-renowned acrobatic-theater company.

Employment and Rights in the Workplace | HIV

N.J. judge says lawsuit to recognize gay marriage can go on 11/4/2011
"A Superior Court judge let a lawsuit seeking marriage for same-sex couples in New Jersey proceed, but she sharply pared down the number of allegations in the case against the state.

Judge set to weigh gay rights case 11/7/2011
"A judge will hear oral arguments today in the case of two mothers who sued the state to list both names on their child’s birth certificate.

Gay marriage backers expect 'quick victory' despite Prop 8. ruling 11/17/2011
"Backers of same-sex marriage predicted they would end up victorious despite a California Supreme Court decision Thursday that the sponsors of Proposition 8 and other ballot measures are entitled to defend them in court.

Baltimore Co. Police Officers Win Same-Sex Benefits Claim 11/22/2011
"Two Baltimore County Police officers who were denied health benefits for their same-sex spouses have won their cases before an arbitrator, the first disputes of this kind to be decided in the department...

Employment and Rights in the Workplace | Marriage, Relationships and Family Protections

Court rules in favor of transgender editor at Legislature 12/6/2011
"The federal appeals court in Atlanta on Tuesday ruled in favor of a transgender woman who was fired from her General Assembly job after disclosing she was going to make the transition from man to woman.

Transgender Rights