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Big Town Big Dreams, Flor Bermudez
New York Daily News
11/28/2007"How did Flor Bermudez, once a middle-class teenager from an educated family in Mexico City, trade in her desire to be a doctor and become a seasoned advocate for the underdog?

ICSD Votes to Withdraw Human Rights Challenge
The Ithaca Journal
10/24/2007"To the sound of thunderous applause the Ithaca City School District's board of education unanimously voted late Tuesday to rescind a challenge of the state's human rights law.

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Organization helps place gay foster kids
Miami Herald
10/23/2007"Dexter Colston landed in the foster care system when he was about 13 after his mother rejected him because he is gay."He bounced through a couple dozen foster care facilities where adults couldn't relate to him and other children could be brutal."...Many gay foster teenagers never find a good home.

Teens & Young Adults

15 Nonprofits Recognized for Their Creativity and Success in Maximizing Convio's On-Demand CRM, Content Management Solutions to Take Relationships to Next Level
Business Wire

LGB Rights Bill: Hold The "T"?
The Nation
10/17/2007"October was supposed to be a triumph for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, thanks to the recent passage of a comprehensive hate crimes bill in both houses of Congress and what was expected to be a historic vote on HR 2015, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, or ENDA, in the House.

Transgender Rights

Gay parents pleased that fight is over
Associated Press
10/15/2007"...Ed Swaya and Greg Hampel, who went through a wedding ceremony in 1999, filled out the paperwork to get the document but received a certificate back from the Health Department that listed Hampel as the father, but left off Swaya's name, he said.

Baldwin fights for trans-inclusive ENDA
The Bay Area Reporter
10/11/2007"LGBT organizations and community activists continued to rally after last week's bruising intra-community battle over whether to seek a vote on a version of ENDA that includes only sexual orientation protection or insist that the legislation retain its protection for people based on gender identity.

Transgender Rights

No ENDA Without Trans Protections
Gay City News
10/04/2007"For the past week, a passionate and emotional debate has been raging in the gay and lesbian blogosphere and on LGBT gay leadership list-servs about the decision by the Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives to remove protection for the transgendered from ENDA, the proposed federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

Transgender Rights

Civil Unions Review Commission with Lambda Legal's Clients
New Jersey Public Television and Radio

Civil union law fails same-sex couples, lawyers' group says
The New Jersey Star-Ledger
9/27/2007"They were designed to give same-sex couples all the benefits of marriage by a different name, but civil unions in New Jersey are a 'failed experiment,' the president of the state's largest lawyers' organization said last night.