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Gov't refuses to OK health coverage for gay worker's wife, says judge's order is 'nonbinding'
Associated Press
12/18/2009 "The U.S. Office of Personnel Management still thinks it can't authorize health care coverage for the same-sex spouse of a federal court employee even though a judge has ordered the agency to do, a government lawyer said Friday.

Employment and Rights in the Workplace | Marriage, Relationships and Family Protections

At 100, Boy Scouts say they're still 'essential'
Associated Press
12/15/2009"Perhaps the biggest long–term jolt to the Scouts, however, came in the form of a legal victory — the June 2000 ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court which said the BSA, as a private organization, had a right to exclude gays from its adult and youth ranks.

Paterson to Extend Protection to Transgender Employees
The New York Times
12/15/2009"Gov. David A. Paterson is preparing to issue an executive order that would include transgender people in antidiscrimination policies that govern state agencies."The order, which the governor plans to sign on Wednesday, represents the broadest protections ever extended to transgender public employees in New York State.

Gay-Marriage Backers Split on 2010 Ballot Effort
The Wall Street Journal
12/15/2009"From the moment they lost a fierce 2008 battle over Proposition 8...activists vowed to take gay marriage back to the ballot. But they have been split over when to try again.

Moving Beyond Race on the Gay Rights Debate
The American Prospect
12/9/2009"In the aftermath of California's Proposition 8, a flawed CNN poll lead to the widespread conclusion among media elites and activists on both sides of the fight for LGBT rights that the black community is adamantly and uniformly homophobic.

Nation watching N.J.'s gay marriage vote
The Bergen Record
12/9/2009"Supporters on Tuesday celebrated a committee's approval of a bill legalizing same-sex marriage, but opponents predicted a victory in the full Senate later this week would add momentum to their efforts around the country.

HIV Stigma and Discrimination Persist, Even in Health Care
Virtual Mentor

Atlanta, police department sued over gay bar raid
Associated Press
11/24/2009"A national gay rights group filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against the city of Atlanta and the Atlanta Police Department on behalf of 19 people who say they were illegally searched and detained during a late-night raid on a crowded gay bar.

Criminal Justice

Atlanta Eagle patrons file federal lawsuit against city
Atlanta Journal Constitution
11/24/2009"A federal lawsuit was filed Tuesday against the city of Atlanta on behalf of 19 patrons searched and detained during the Sept. 10 raid of the Atlanta Eagle gay bar.

Criminal Justice

Nurses apologize to woman who couldn't visit dying partner
The Los Angeles Times
"Several nurses at Jackson Memorial Hospital have personally apologized to Janice Langbehn, a lesbian from Washington state who said that a Jackson social worker wouldn't allow her to be with her dying partner in 2007.

Health Care Fairness