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Gay couple sues to have names put on adopted baby's birth certificate
WWLTV Louisiana
10/07/2009"In 2006, Oren Adar and Mickey Smith made an addition to their family. While living in New York, they adopted a child, a toddler who was born in Shreveport.

Ga. legislative counsel explains why he fired transgender employee
Southern Voice

Employment and Rights in the Workplace | Transgender Rights

Can Obama win over the gay community?
10/10/2009"Strident conservative attacks on two of President Barack Obama’s gay nominees could temper the impatience gay and lesbian activists show as he speaks to a major gay civil rights group Saturday night — but the widespread restlessness still will be palpable.

NY top court to consider gay marriage benefits
Associated Press
10/14/2009"A Christian legal group seeking to stop New York agencies from recognizing same-sex marriages performed outside the state argued in the state's highest court Tuesday that the practice amounts to a policy decision that requires approval by lawmakers.

NY top court to consider gay marriage benefits
Poughkeepsie Journal
10/13/2009"The Alliance Defense Fund of Scottsdale, Ariz., is challenging the governments' decision to give equal benefits to gay couples, saying same-sex marriage is illegal in New York."The group lost in lower courts, which have ruled that extending the benefits is legal and does not conflict with current laws.

Justice blocks release of Ref. 71 names
Seattle Times
10/20/2009"Constitutional–law experts scrambled to apply meaning to an order issued Monday by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, temporarily blocking the release of the names of those who signed Referendum 71 petitions, in what has become a months-long legal back and forth.

Marriage, Relationships and Family Protections

Hate crime designation sought in gay man's murder
WLRN Miami
"Three men are now in custody in Broward County in this year's robbery and beating of two gay men, one of whom—Craig Cohen—recently died of his injuries after six months in a coma.

Gay Reversal Advocates Say School Libraries Banning Their 'Ex-Gay' Books
Fox News

Obama Set To Sign Bill Widening Hate Crime Laws
National Public Radio
10/28/2009"At a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden Wednesday afternoon, President Obama plans to sign a bill into law that was more than a decade in the making. It is an update to the federal hate crimes statute that Congress initially passed in 1968.

Criminal Justice

Obama signs bill expanding hate crimes to sexual orientation
The Christian Science Monitor
10/28/2009"The gay community applauded President Obama’s signing Wednesday of a hate-crime law that covers crimes against people based on their gender identity and sexual orientation, real or perceived.