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Gay Reversal Advocates Say School Libraries Banning Their 'Ex-Gay' Books
Fox News

Gay rights advocates rip suit to undo Prop. 8
San Francisco Chronicle
5/28/2009"Gay rights advocates Wednesday blasted two veteran attorneys for filing a federal lawsuit seeking to overturn Proposition 8, California's voter-approved same-sex marriage ban, saying the move is premature and could be disastrous for the marriage movement.

Gay Rights as Human Rights
The Huffington Post
And what do we think of unknown people? The monsters emerge: Myths of gay men as sexual predators, transgender people as inherently deceptive and dangerous. The city commissioners in my hometown dared to pass an ordinance barring discrimination based on gender identity. Extremists put the ordinance up for majority vote. To promote their campaign they papered people's parked cars with cartoons showing men lurking in women's bathrooms to attack young girls. They added racism into the attack by broadcasting staged video scenes of dark men sneaking into playground restrooms following blonde little girls.

Anti-LGBT Rulings, Laws and Amendments

Gay Rights Groups Celebrate Victories in Marriage Push
The New York Times
4/7/2009"Gay-rights groups say that momentum from back-to-back victories on in Vermont and Iowa could spill into other states, particularly since at least nine other legislatures are considering measures this year to allow marriage between gay couples.

Gay rights lawyer brings message of hope to AU students
Opelika-Auburn News
9/26/2007"'The ball is already rolling, but now it's about keeping it moving in the right direction.'

Gay Rights Rebuke May Change Approach
The New York Times
11/4/2009"Maine, with its libertarian leanings, had seemed to offer an excellent chance of reversing the national trend of voters rejecting marriage equality at the ballot box. Instead, it became the 31st state to block same-sex marriage through a public referendum.

Gay Spouses Due Benefits in the State, Court Finds
The New York Times
11/19/2009"The state's highest court on Thursday upheld policies giving some government benefits to same–sex couples who are legally married outside the state, but did not rule on whether gay marriage should be legal in New York, leaving that issue for the Legislature to decide.

Gay state workers keep benefits until trial
Arizona Daily Sun
"Arizona cannot cancel the insurance benefits for the domestic partners of state and university workers who are gay, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday. "In a unanimous opinion, the three-judge panel agreed with the state that it is not obligated to provide health insurance for its workers or their families.

Marriage, Relationships and Family Protections

Gay visitation order shows how Obama brings big change with small actions
The Washington Post
4/17/2010 "President Obama's decision Thursday night to grant same-sex couples hospital visitation rights is the latest and most visible example of a strategy to make concrete steps toward equality for gays and lesbians without sparking a broad cultural debate or a fight with Congress.

Health Care Fairness

Gay-marriage advocates go to N.J. justices again
The Philadelphia Inquirer
3/19/2010"Advocates for gay and lesbian couples are headed back to New Jersey's Supreme Court to resume their attempt to legalize same-sex marriage. Lambda Legal, a gay-rights legal group, filed a motion with the court yesterday seeking a ruling that would let same-sex couples wed.