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Obama orders most hospitals to grant gays visitation rights
Chicago Tribune
4/16/2010 "...The Obama memo is inspired in part by the case of Janice Langbehn, who was kept from seeing her partner, Lisa Pond, as she slipped into a coma. Last September a federal judge rejected Langbehn's lawsuit against Florida's Jackson Memorial Hospital, saying there was no law requiring the staff to grant Langbehn access to Pond's bedside.

Obama Orders Hospitals to Allow Gay Visitation, Medical Rights
4/16/2010 "In a nod to the rights of lesbian and gay couples, President Obama has ordered the nation's hospitals to allow patients to determine for themselves who has visitation rights and who can make medical decisions.

Obama faces growing anger on the left 8/31/2009

Obama could tip appeals courts to Dems
The Detroit News
3/16/2009"Want a hint of how much President Barack Obama's eventual appointees will change the federal appeals courts?"...'Never underestimate the importance of having a fair judiciary at every level,' says gay rights litigator Kevin Cathcart of Lambda Legal.

Obama administration shifts legal stance on gay marriage
Los Angeles Times
"In a major shift on gay rights, the Obama administration said that it would no longer oppose legal challenges to the Defense of Marriage Act, just two months after Congress and the president agreed to repeal the military's ban on openly gay service members.

NYers in Gay Marriage Can Inherit as Spouse: Court
NBC New York
"A survivor of a same-sex marriage can inherit as a spouse, an appeals court said Thursday in a ruling a gay-rights legal group called the first appellate decision of its kind in New York.

NY top court to consider gay marriage benefits
Poughkeepsie Journal
10/13/2009"The Alliance Defense Fund of Scottsdale, Ariz., is challenging the governments' decision to give equal benefits to gay couples, saying same-sex marriage is illegal in New York."The group lost in lower courts, which have ruled that extending the benefits is legal and does not conflict with current laws.

NY top court to consider gay marriage benefits
Associated Press
10/14/2009"A Christian legal group seeking to stop New York agencies from recognizing same-sex marriages performed outside the state argued in the state's highest court Tuesday that the practice amounts to a policy decision that requires approval by lawmakers.

NY to Offer Gay Divorce Before Marriage?
ABC News
2/28/2008"Lambda Legal Senior Counsel, Susan Sommer, discusses a case involving a married same-sex couple who are seeking a divorce in New York state after being legally married in Canada."

NY gay-marriage talks hinge on religious rights
The Associated Press
"Will the Knights of Columbus be required to open their halls for gay weddings if New York lawmakers legalize same-sex marriage? Will Catholic adoption agencies be forced to choose between placing children with gay married couples or leaving the business?