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Existing gay marriages now on a great divide
Los Angeles Times
03/07/2009"...The California Supreme Court's signal Thursday that it would uphold Proposition 8 but still recognize 18,000 existing same-sex marriages raised questions and concerns about the prospect of being a minority within a minority ? part of an exclusive club whose doors have been closed to others.

Obama could tip appeals courts to Dems
The Detroit News
3/16/2009"Want a hint of how much President Barack Obama's eventual appointees will change the federal appeals courts?"...'Never underestimate the importance of having a fair judiciary at every level,' says gay rights litigator Kevin Cathcart of Lambda Legal.

Roommates and H.I.V.
The New York Times


State Court of Appeals to Hear Two Same-Sex Marriage Cases
The New York Times
3/31/2009"The state's highest court agreed on Tuesday to hear arguments in two cases that challenge New York's recognition of same-sex-marriages legally performed elsewhere.

Choosing Iowa as a Target for Gay Marriage Laws
The New York Times
4/3/2009"A court ruling today made Iowa the first state in the Midwest ? and the third in the country ? to allow same-sex marriage, putting it in a class with Connecticut and Massachusetts. This is a marker that not even the nation's big blue coastal states, California and New York, have been able to achieve.

Unanimous ruling: Iowa marriage no longer limited to one man, one woman
The Des Moines Register
4/3/2009"Basic fairness and constitutional equal protection were the linchpins of Friday's historic Iowa Supreme Court ruling that overturned a 10-year-old ban on same-sex marriage and puts Iowa squarely in the center of the nation's debate over gay rights.

Iowa Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage
The Washington Post
4/4/2009"Iowa became the third state in the country and the first from the rural heartland to legalize same-sex marriage when its Supreme Court yesterday unanimously struck down the state's decade-long ban.

Vermont Legislature Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage
The Washington Post
4/7/2009"Vermont on Tuesday became the fourth state to recognize gay marriage, and the D.C. Council voted to recognize same-sex unions performed in other states. The two actions give same-sex marriage proponents new momentum, following a similar victory last week in Iowa's Supreme Court.

Gay Rights Groups Celebrate Victories in Marriage Push
The New York Times
4/7/2009"Gay-rights groups say that momentum from back-to-back victories on in Vermont and Iowa could spill into other states, particularly since at least nine other legislatures are considering measures this year to allow marriage between gay couples.

Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional
National Public Radio
4/9/2009"Iowa's Supreme Court ruled unanimously Friday that the state's same-sex marriage ban violates the constitutional rights of gay and lesbian couple."That makes Iowa the third state, and the first in the Midwest, where gay marriage will be legal."