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Title Datesort descending
Justices debate 'Bong Hits 4 Jesus' case
USA Today
3/20/2007"Monday's test of student speech rights arises as schools face increased violence and drug use on their grounds. The National School Boards Association, siding with Juneau officials, says administrators should have expansive latitude to stop messages related to subjects such as drugs, guns, homosexuality and abortion.

Couples Not Rushing to Civil Unions in New Jersey
The New York Times
3/20/2007"Preliminary figures released on Tuesday show that 229 same-sex couples applied for civil union licenses in New Jersey in the first month since they became available, far fewer than the 1,700 who registered as domestic partners in the state within that option's first month in 2004...

Illinois bill would allow civil unions of gay couples
Associated Press
3/21/2007"Gay Illinois couples would be allowed to enter civil unions with the same legal rights as marriage under legislation approved Wednesday by an Illinois House committee."'Illinois views same-sex couples, some together for decades, as strangers under the law,' said Jim Bennett, Lambda Legal's Midwest Regional Director."

<em>Chicago Sun-Times</em>: It's time to authorize civil unions in Illinois
Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Day of civil union, they still dream of nuptials
The New Jersey Star-Ledger
4/1/2007"For five years, Alicia Heath-Toby and Saundra Toby-Heath fought for the right to marry, taking on the state of New Jersey in a lawsuit filed with six other same-sex couples. They learned late last year that marriage would have to wait, when state lawmakers chose to allow same-sex civil unions instead.

State high court gets same-sex marriage briefs
San Mateo County Times
4/3/2007"Gay-marriage advocates filed their opening briefs Monday with California's Supreme Court, firing the first salvo in the final battle over whether the state's statutory ban passes constitutional muster.

Landmark same-sex bill passes
The Olympian
4/10/2007"The state House of Representatives voted to create a domestic partnership registry for same-sex couples Tuesday, sending Gov. Chris Gregoire the historic measure on a mostly party line vote.

Gay couples find obstacles on benefits
The New Jersey Star-Ledger
4/15/2007"Shannan Hauser and Jennifer Bonfilio of Hamilton say they will form a civil union in two weeks. In theory, it should give them the same benefits that married couples have.

Workers sue Bellevue, open new front in WA gay rights fight
Associated Press
4/17/2007"Larry deGroen knew when he became a firefighter in Bellevue 12 years ago that the city wouldn't give his partner, Thomas Dixon, certain benefits it extends to the families of heterosexual employees. It was something deGroen was prepared to live with.

Hostile Bellevue (Editorial)
The Seattle Times
4/24/2007"City officials have spoken convincingly on behalf of diversity in the past. But this lawsuit doesn't place Bellevue in a good light.