Law Firm Fighting For Defense Of Marriage Act Faces Backlash From Legal Groups, Colleges

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April 22, 2011

"Members of the LGBT legal community are seriously considering breaking ties with the firm King & Spalding in light of this week's news that one of its partners, former Bush Solicitor General Paul Clement, has signed on to defend the federal ban on same-sex marriage on behalf of House Republicans.

"Jon Davidson, legal director of Lambda Legal, the nation's oldest and largest legal organization working for LGBT equality, had one word on the firm's decision to take the case: 'Depressing.'

"Davidson said in light of the DOMA announcement, he is no longer comfortable working with King & Spalding on cases.

"'As legal director, I would take the position that we should not use them as cooperating attorneys with us -- that is, people who work with us on a pro bono basis in cases,' said Davidson. 'I wouldn't want to team with them, so long as they're actively harming our community by defending DOMA.'"