Transgender Woman Seeks Name Fee Waiver

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January 18, 2008


"A transgender woman who wants to change her legal name from 'Donald' to 'Daunn' asked the state Supreme Court Thursday to order Will County's chief judge to waive about $450 in court fees because of her low income.

"The legal filing by Daunn Turner, 52, of Lockport contended Will County Chief Judge Stephen White rejected the request by declaring, 'I am not spending the county's money on something like this.'

"But in a telephone interview Thursday, Turner said she sought the name change to 'reflect my identity.'

"'I need to be able to live comfortably as a woman,' she said. 'It's who I am.'

"...Lambda Legal is representing Turner. Her filing asks the Illinois Supreme Court to order White to either waive the fee or issue a written order explaining his denial.

"...'The judge's personal views shouldn't be a factor,' said Turner's attorney, Christopher Clark.

"'That's not the way a judge is supposed to determine whether someone can use the court system,' Clark said.


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