Elena Kagan: Would she turn Supreme Court into We the People?

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June 25, 2010


"If Ms. Kagan is confirmed after US Senate hearings scheduled to start June 28, then the court will have certain demographics represented in numbers that 50 years ago would have seemed unimaginable: three women, three Jews, six Roman Catholics. Kagan's confirmation also would mean that, for the first time, the court would be left without any white Protestant males, who until 1993, commanded a majority of the court.

"...Kevin Cathcart, the executive director of Lambda Legal, a gay rights advocacy organization, takes a longer view and finds that the court has some catching up to do. 'If you look at the justices over the court's history or even in the last 20 years, the number of them that have been women or people of color is staggeringly low.'

Nevertheless, says Mr. Cathcart, 'the likelihood of getting an openly gay person on the Supreme Court will be much improved when we live in a society in which openly gay people can more reasonably aspire to positions throughout the federal bench.'"

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