Same-sex marriage and the new YouTube debate

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January 12, 2010


"The federal judge who is hearing appeals of California's Proposition 8 this week ruled that the proceedings could be shown -- albeit in delayed fashion -- on YouTube.

"...Opponents, meanwhile, say the big stage of the world's most popular video sharing site would open up participants in the case to harassment and make footage from the case easy to edit and distort.

"...Jon Davidson, legal director of the pro-gay rights Lambda Legal, disagreed, saying opponents of same-sex marriage in California want to keep the hearings as quiet as possible to avoid public debate on the legal merits of the case.

"'One of the things we find on the marriage issue, but really on all issues in response to gay rights, is that the more discussion there is -- the more conversation, the more people learn -- the more likely it is that gay people are going to do well,' Davidson said.