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June 28, 2007


"Earlier this year, Lambda Legal launched a competition for cartoonists to submit cartoons about the importance of fair courts for LGBT and individual rights, and from now until July 15 visitors to the organization's website can compare the five finalists and cast their vote for the winner.

"...Hector Vargas, Lambda's deputy director of education and public affairs, said Lambda was excited at the response to the call for submissions.

"'This is Lambda Legal's first venture into something like this, and I don't think we knew what we would get in terms of submissions, but we are extremely pleased that people with a reputation for strong editorial cartoons like Ted Rall would submit something to the contest... But we're also happy that people who aren't as established in the cartooning community took this as an opportunity to show us what they can do,' said Vargas.

"...Each of the cartoons shows what life might be like for LGBT people if a certain court decision had not taken place, and the Lambda Legal website contains a description of the cases under each cartoon."

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