Iowa Supreme Court to hear gay marriage arguments

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December 8, 2008


"The gay marriage debate will play out in a courtroom in the Heartland this week as the Iowa Supreme Court hears arguments in a challenge to the state's same-sex marriage ban.

"...Camilla Taylor, an attorney for Lambda Legal, a gay rights organization representing the gay and lesbian couples behind the lawsuit, said Iowa is a fitting spot for the issue to be decided. She said the state has historically been a leader in supporting minority and women's rights.

"'Iowa has an opportunity to play the role that it often has played in the past ? being at the forefront of civil rights struggles ? often long before other states were willing to be similarly courageous,' she said. 'This is not an uncomfortable role for Iowans, and we are looking at them to make a reality out of the promise of equality in the Iowa constitution.'

"Lambda Legal filed the lawsuit in 2005 on behalf of the six Iowa couples who were denied marriage licenses, as well as three of the couples' children. It names former Polk County recorder and registrar Timothy Brien."