Justice Department, Lambda Legal to Make Case Against DOMA

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December 16, 2011


"On Friday in San Francisco, the Justice Department will make its first court appearance in a lawsuit challenging the Defense of Marriage Act since the Obama administration declared in February that the 1996 law is unconstitutional.

"Karen Golinski, an attorney and employee of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the ninth circuit, sued the federal government in January 2010, after she was denied spousal health benefits for her wife, Amy Cunninghis (Golinski is represented in the case by Lambda Legal)...

"Citing Romer v. Evans, where the U.S. Supreme Court struck down an amendment to the Colorado state constitution that prohibited antidiscrimination laws or policies protecting gays and lesbians, Tara Borelli, a Lambda staff attorney representing Golinski on Friday, said, 'There is solid footing for the court to see this as an unprecedented event that requires particularly careful scrutiny.'"

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