Indiana High School Fails on Prom Dress Rights

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October 1, 2008


"On May 16, 2006 K.K. Logan arrived at his senior prom in a dress, which was not unexpected since his classmates and teachers knew of his 'deeply-rooted femininity.' Principal Diane Rouse did not allow Logan to enter, claiming his attire violated school policy.

"...K.K, the gender-neutral nickname given to Logan by students and teachers, was never disciplined for his attire or actions on campus at West Side High School. But during his senior year, Rouse became principal, and K.K. was called into Rouse's office and questioned about his appearance.

"In July Lambda Legal filed papers claiming the school violated K.K.'s First Amendment Rights. A motion to dismiss the case brought about by the High School was recently denied. K.K Logan will soon have his day in court."