Ending Birth Certificate Discrimination in North Carolina

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North Carolina does not permit people born in the state to correct the gender marker on their birth certificate without proof of having undergone “sex reassignment surgery.” G.S. § 130A-118. This discriminatory requirement presents a barrier, sometimes insurmountable, to many transgender people born in North Carolina, particularly those who may not need, may not be able to afford, or cannot have gender confirmation surgery. 

Lambda Legal and partners across North Carolina are working to change this discriminatory requirement. That is why we are gathering reports of people who people are unable to correct the gender marker on their North Carolina birth certificate because they do not desire, do not need, cannot afford, or cannot get gender confirmation surgery. We are also interested in reports from people who have experienced instances in which having to show their incorrect birth certificate compromised their safety or caused them a specific loss (e.g., caused them to be rejected for employment) or harm (e.g., cost them money or significant inconvenience).

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CW: This survey asks about gender confirmation surgery.

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