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Victory! U.S. Supreme Court Rejects North Carolina State Health Plan’s Effort to Shield Itself from Health Care Discrimination Lawsuits

“Today’s decision protects the rights of marginalized people, including LGBTQ people and people living with HIV, to seek justice and obtain relief in court if they are subjected to health care discrimination.”

Lambda Legal to Work to Resolve EEOC Complaint on Behalf of Terminated Employee

“I felt like the Dallas Arboretum was forcing me to go back into the closet and that I was being required to ask my staff, whom I supported, to also go back into the closet."

Lambda Legal Reacts to Supreme Court Decision Allowing Challenge to Texas Abortion Ban to Move Forward

“We are outraged that SB 8 continues to block access to life-saving health care, of which abortion is an essential component, full stop.”

Federal Court To South Carolina: Fulton Doesn’t Do What You Think It Does

“Eden and Brandy were harmed by government-sanctioned discrimination and have the right to be treated equally."

VICTORY! Court Rejects Efforts to Deny West Virginian Becky Pepper-Jackson Her Day in Court

“I love running, and being part of a team, and the State of West Virginia should explain in court why they won’t let me.”

Lambda Legal to Justice Kavanaugh: Not in Our Name

Lambda Legal reacts to Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s dangerous suggestion that landmark LGBTQ cases support overturning abortion rights.

Lambda Legal Statement on the Verdict in the Ahmaud Arbery Killing

Lambda Legal today issued this statement following the verdict in the Ahmaud Arbery killing:

“While we are relieved that justice was served today for Ahmaud Arbery and his family, no verdict can erase the pain and agony his family has endured. Our hope is that they can find the strength to carry forward in the wake of their unspeakable loss.”

Texas Politicians’ Attempts to Ban Books is Unlawful According to Civil Rights Groups

"We will not stand by and watch politicians play games with the education and wellbeing of our children.”

Indiana Appeals Court Revives Fired Gay Catholic School Teacher’s Lawsuit against the Indianapolis Archdiocese

“Joshua Payne-Elliott just wants the chance to make his case in court. The Indiana Court of Appeals today ruled that he will get that opportunity.”

Lambda Legal's Statement on the Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict

Lambda Legal CEO Kevin Jennings today issued this statement following the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.