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Tom Warnke - Media Relations Director
213-382-7600 x 247

Tom Warnke covers the following regions/states:

Western Region:
Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming

South Central Region:
Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas


Graciela Gonzalez – Senior Public Information Officer
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Midwest Region:
Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota


Samy Nemir – Public Information Officer

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Samy Nemir covers the following regions/states:

Southern Region:
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia

Headquarters Region:
Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Washington DC


Jonathan Adams - Communications Director

212-809-8585 x267

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Major Civil Rights and Health Organizations Jointly Warn Against Requiring Names of People with HIV

(NEW YORK, February 21, 1999) -- More than 60 leading AIDS and civil rights organizations and health care providers for people with HIV jointly warned federal and state health officials against efforts to require the names of people who have HIV, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund said Sunday.

Lambda Board Elects New Co-Chairs and Members

(NEW YORK, February 16, 1999) -- The nation's oldest and largest legal organization for lesbians, gay men, and people with HIV and AIDS announced Tuesday the election of new co-chairs, officers and members for its board of directors.

Cynthia H. Hyndman, a partner with the Chicago law firm Robinson Curley & Clayton, and Donald M. Millinger, a partner with the Philadelphia law firm Klehr, Harrison, Harvey, Branzburg & Ellers, took the helm as co-chairs of Lambda's 29-member board at its February meeting in Los Angeles.

Organizations Jointly Oppose Death Penalty

(February 10, 1999) -- Today 11 major organizations representing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities announced their joint opposition to the death penalty.

City of Los Angeles Boosts Equality for Lesbian & Gay Couples

LOS ANGELES (Thursday, February 11, 1999) -- On the eve of the second annual National Freedom to Marry Day, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, applauded the City of Los Angeles for condemning a California anti-gay, anti-marriage ballot initiative.

The Los Angeles City Council late Wednesday approved, 9-2, a resolution opposing the so-called Definition of Marriage Initiative.

National Freedom to Marry Day Sparks Action Across the Country

(NEW YORK, February 9, 1999) -- Spurred by challenges and opportunities at the voting booth and in court, lesbians, gay men, and non-gay freedom-to-marry supporters across the country are marking the second annual National Freedom to Marry Day with simultaneous events designed to reach out to the non-gay community to enlist more support.

On Friday, February 12, same-sex couples, their families, friends, clergy, and other supporters will celebrate National Freedom to Marry Day with special events in almost 70 cities in over 30 states.

Lambda Sues on Behalf of Dental Hygienist Fired for Having HIV

(ATLANTA, January 29, 1999) -- Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, applying a United States Supreme Court decision recognizing that federal anti-discrimination law protects people with HIV, announced Friday its lawsuit on behalf of an Atlanta dental hygienist fired solely because of his HIV-status.

Lambda to Defend Chicago Domestic Partnership Ordinance on Appeal

(CHICAGO, January 25, 1999) -- Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund said Monday that it will go to court and again defend Chicago's domestic partnership law against anti-gay extremists who already have suffered a resounding loss in trial court.

Protections for Non-Traditional Families at Stake as the U.S. Supreme Court Considers a Washington Visitation Statute

(NEW YORK, January 7, 2000) — The United States Supreme Court, which rarely hears matters of family law, should reject extreme positions on all sides of a Washington visitation case with potential implications for lesbian and gay families, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund said Friday.

Ohio Appeals Court Denies Second-Parent Adoption to Lesbian Couple

(CHICAGO, December 16, 1998) -- Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund said that an Ohio appeals court Wednesday rejected a lesbian couple's request to allow a second-parent adoption, denying an eight-year-old girl the added protections of a second legally recognized parent.

Gay Dad Wins Big Victory to Continue Unrestricted Visits with His Kids

(NEW YORK, December 18, 1998) -- Maryland's highest court Friday made an important ruling that the best interest of children with a lesbian or gay parent requires that the children have unrestricted contact with their gay parent unless evidence establishes that such contact causes demonstrable harm, said Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund.